Yi-Fang Chou

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We aimed to characterize folate-related changes in mitochondrial (mt) DNA of various tissues of young rats. Weaning Wistar rats were fed folate-deficient (FD) or folate-replete (control) diet for 2 or 4 wk. The mtDNA 4834-bp large deletion (mtDNA(4834) deletion) and mtDNA content were analyzed by quantitative real-time PCR. Compared with pooled 2-wk and(More)
BACKGROUND A low folate status and mitochondrial DNA (mtDNA) mutations are risk factors for various cancers and degenerative diseases. It is not known if lymphocytic mtDNA deletions can be used as genetic "markers" to reflect global mtDNA damage during folate deficiency. AIM OF THE STUDY The aim of this study was to characterize folate-related mtDNA(More)
Little is known about the biological effect of folate in the protection against mitochondrial (mt) oxidative decay. The objective of the present study was to examine the consequence of folate deprivation on mt oxidative degeneration, and the mechanistic link underlying the relationship. Male Wistar rats were fed with an amino acid-defined diet containing(More)
We present a structured P2P system called Donuts, which exploits proximity, achieves load balance, and supports range query. The motivation is that range query incurs many overlay contiguous traverses, so making overlay neighbors physically nearby can significantly reduce communication costs. However, building a proximity-aware network may compromise load(More)
Both increased copper and reduced folate levels are commonly found in patients with liver diseases. To better understand the mechanisms by which folate deprivation interacts with copper to contribute to hepatocellular toxicity, rat primary hepatocytes were isolated, cultured in folate-deprived (FD) RPMI medium, and assayed for cytotoxicity after copper(More)
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