Yi-Fan Wu

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Optimal location (OL) queries are a type of spatial queries that are particularly useful for the strategic planning of resources. Given a set of existing facilities and a set of clients, an OL query asks for a location to build a new facility that optimizes a certain cost metric (defined based on the distances between the clients and the facilities).(More)
In control devices for the Internet of Things (IoT), energy is one of the critical restriction factors. Dynamic voltage scaling (DVS) has been proved to be an effective method for reducing the energy consumption of processors. This paper proposes an energy-efficient scheduling algorithm for IoT control devices with hard real-time control tasks (HRCTs) and(More)
BACKGROUND Previous studies revealed that reduction of airway caliber in infancy might increase the risks for wheezing and asthma. However, the evidence for the predictive effects of pulmonary function on respiratory health in children was still inconsistent. METHODS We conducted a population-based prospective cohort study among children in 14 Taiwanese(More)
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