Yi-Fan Chang

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In this paper, we employ probabilistic neural network (PNN) with image and data processing techniques to implement a general purpose automated leaf recognition for plant classification. 12 leaf features are extracted and orthogonalized into 5 principal variables which consist the input vector of the PNN. The PNN is trained by 1800 leaves to classify 32(More)
The authors will propose system integrated mechanisms, a Wiki platform for peer-reviewing, Link Grammar for automatically checking the students’ papers, and a RSS reader to periodically retrieve these articles from the platform that is published in the BLOG system. The authors claim that using such a system will have two major advantages. First, the(More)
Optical character recognition occupies a very important field in digital image processing. It is used extensively in daily life. If the given image does not have a bimodal intensity histogram, it would cause segmenting mistake easily for the previous bi-level algorithms. In order to solve this problem, a new algorithm is proposed in this paper. The proposed(More)
License plate recognition system (LPR) plays an important role in many applications such as access control, traffic control, and the detection of stolen vehicles. A LPR system can be classified into the detection and recognition parts. Improvement of the detection part will be discussed in this paper. Binarization of plate images is one of the major tasks(More)
Getting to know the details of plants growing around us is of great importance medicinally and economically. Conventionally, plants are categorized mainly by taxonomists through investigation of various parts of the plant. However, most of the plants can be classified based on the leaf shape and associated features. This article describes how Artificial(More)
A good time-frequency (TF) analysis method should have the advantages of high clarity and no cross term. However, there is always a trade-off between the two goals. In this paper, we propose a new TF analysis method, which is called the generalized polynomial Wigner spectrogram (GPWS). It combines the generalized spectrogram (GS) and the polynomial(More)