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In this paper, we employ probabilistic neural network (PNN) with image and data processing techniques to implement a general purpose automated leaf recognition for plant classification. 12 leaf features are extracted and orthogonalized into 5 principal variables which consist the input vector of the PNN. The PNN is trained by 1800 leaves to classify 32(More)
Optical character recognition occupies a very important field in digital image processing. It is used extensively in daily life. If the given image does not have a bimodal intensity histogram, it would cause segmenting mistake easily for the previous bi-level algorithms. In order to solve this problem, a new algorithm is proposed in this paper. The proposed(More)
We herein describe the first synthesis of iminosugar C-glycosides of α-D-GlcNAc-1-phosphate in 10 steps starting from unprotected D-GlcNAc. A diastereoselective intramolecular iodoamination-cyclization as the key step was employed to construct the central piperidine ring of the iminosugar and the C-glycosidic structure of α-D-GlcNAc. Finally, the iminosugar(More)
License plate recognition system (LPR) plays an important role in many applications such as access control, traffic control, and the detection of stolen vehicles. A LPR system can be classified into the detection and recognition parts. Improvement of the detection part will be discussed in this paper. Binarization of plate images is one of the major tasks(More)
Systematic structural modifications of the muramic acid, peptide, and nucleotide moieties of Park's nucleotide were performed to investigate the substrate specificity of B. subtilis MraY (MraYBS). It was found that the simplest analogue of Park's nucleotide only bearing the first two amino acids, l-alanine-iso-d-glutamic acid, could function as a MraYBS(More)