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The ocellar receptor and neuropil in the dorsal ocellar system of the cockroach and the lateral ocellar system of the swallowtail butterfly larva have been compared. In the dorsal ocellus of the cockroach more than 10,000 retinular cells each with a rhabdomere are piled up one upon another without a specific pattern in the ocellar capsule. Retinular axons(More)
The synaptic organization of the fleshfly (Boettcherisca peregrina) ocellus has been studied by transmission electron microscropy. Three types of neuronal element are recognized in the ocellus: (1) 70-100 retinula axons (2) four thick ocellar nerve fibres and(3) several thin ocellar nerve fibres. Synaptic connections accompanied by characteristic(More)
We have studied chemical nature and localization of retinyl esters stored in the retina of the crayfish, Procambarus clarkii, which has a rhodopsin-porphyropsin visual pigment system. The crayfish kept at 10 degrees C in the constant dark had 3-dehydroretinal along with retinal in the retina as the chromophore of visual pigment. Both retinyl and(More)
We characterized the mouse metastasis-associated gene 2 product (mmta2), which is a homolog of the metastasis-associated gene 1 product (MTA1). We revealed that the mmta2 gene spanned approximately 10 kb and was separated into 18 exons. The transcription start site of mmta2 was located 377 bp upstream from the putative initiation codon. The subcellular(More)