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PCB embedded inductor for high-frequency ZVS SEPIC converter
The volume and temperature rise of passive components, especially inductors, limit the momentum toward high power density in high-frequency power converters. To address the limitations, PCBExpand
Investigation and Design of Wireless Power Transfer System for Autonomous Underwater Vehicle
With the development of wireless power transfer (WPT) technology, it is possible to transfer power to the batteries without plug-in cables and human interaction for autonomous underwater vehiclesExpand
Investigation and Optimization for Planar Coupled Inductor dual-phase interleaved GaN-based Totem-Pole PFC
This paper presents the comparison among different coupled inductors for the GaN-based critical mode (CRM) Totem-Pole PFC. The flux linkage and flux density are deduced both for the positive coupledExpand
Integrated Coupled Inductors With Functionality of Current Balancing Transformer for Two-Phase Synchronous DC–DC Converters
The current unbalance issue is addressed by an integrated current balancing transformer for a two-phase dc–dc converter and the current of two phases can be automatically compensated to be identical by the proposed structure, which also reduces the complexity of the control system. Expand
Analysis and Design of 10 MHz Capacitive Power Transfer with Multiple Independent Outputs for Low Power Portable Devices
Using constant voltage property of the LCCL network, the proposed multiple-output CPT system is able to achieve output independence among different receivers, and a design method is proposed and studied in depth to maintain a minimal current stress on power devices and inductors, as well as zero voltage switching within a defined range. Expand
High Frequency Wide Output Range Boost-Flyback Converter with Zero Voltage Switching
  • Y. Liu, Yi Dou, +4 authors Z. Ouyang
  • Materials Science
  • IEEE International Power Electronics and…
  • 1 November 2018
DC-DC converters with high step-up capability are increasingly used in sustainable energy, aerospace and high voltage direct current (HVDC) systems. This paper presents a high voltage step-up dc-dcExpand
Synchronous Push–Pull Class E Rectifiers With Load-Independent Operation for Megahertz Wireless Power Transfer
The analytical modeling of synchronous class E rectifiers with the load-independent operation, which achieves zero-phase-angle input impedance, soft-switching over the entire load range with a constant voltage gain, is presented. Expand
High-Frequency GaN-Based QSW Buck Converter with Coupled Inductor and Integrated Current-Balancing Transformer for Battery Fast Charging Application
Current-Balancing Transformer for Battery Fast Charging Application DTU Orbit (17/10/2019) High-Frequency GaN-Based QSW Buck Converter with Coupled Inductor and Integrated Current-BalancingExpand
Design the High-frequency DC-DC Converter with Integrated Coupled Inductor and Current-Balancing-Transformer
This paper presents a design for a high-frequency DC-DC converter with the coupled inductor and integrated current balancing transformer. The converter can deliver 32 W from 12 V intput to the 4 VExpand
Adaptive dead time control for ZVS GaN based CRM Totem Pole PFC
This paper presents an adaptive dead time control for bridgeless GaN based MHz critical conduction mode (CRM) dual phase interleaved Totem Pole PFC. It can achieve the ZVS turn on for all switches inExpand