Yi-Dong Shen

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Delaying-based tabling mechanisms, such as the one adopted in XSB, are nonlinear in the sense that the computation state of delayed calls has to be preserved. In this paper, we present the implementation of a linear tabling mechanism. The key idea is to let a call execute from the backtracking point of a former variant call if such a call exists. The linear(More)
In this paper, we consider the problem of unsupervised feature selection. Recently, spectral feature selection algorithms, which leverage both graph Laplacian and spectral regression, have received increasing attention. However, existing spectral feature selection algorithms suffer from two major problems: 1) since the graph Laplacian is constructed from(More)
Nonnegative matrix factorization (NMF) is a popular technique for learning parts-based representation and data clustering. It usually uses the squared residuals to quantify the quality of factorization, which is optimal specifically to zero-mean, Gaussian noise and sensitive to outliers in general cases. In this paper, we propose a robust NMF method based(More)
ABox abduction is an important aspect for abductive reasoning in Description Logics (DLs). It finds all minimal sets of ABox axioms that should be added to a background ontology to enforce entailment of a specified set of ABox axioms. As far as we know, by now there is only one ABox abduction method in expressive DLs computing abductive solutions with(More)
We propose a clustering algorithm that effectively utilizes feature order preferences, which have the form that feature s is more important than feature t. Our clustering formulation aims to incorporate feature order preferences into prototype-based clustering. The derived algorithm automatically learns distortion measures parameterized by feature weights(More)