Yi Chuan Wang

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Ta2O5 has been an appealing contender for the resistance switching random access memory (ReRAM). The resistance switching (RS) in this material is induced by the repeated formation and rupture of the conducting filaments (CFs) in the oxide layer, which are accompanied by the almost inevitable randomness of the switching parameters. In this work, a 1 to 2(More)
Recently, there has been increasing interest in studying the interaction between mammalian cells and nanometer-sized structures. However, the effect of nanostructures on cell behavior, such as cell morphology and alignment, is still largely unknown. Inverse opal colloid crystal substrates, which can be stretched to produce nano-scale pore structures of(More)
The solution stability of two formulations of cephradine--one using L-arginine and the other sodium carbonate as the neutralizer--was studied. Solutions of each formulation of 1% cephradine were prepared in the following diluents: 0.9% sodium chloride injection, lactated Ringer's injection, Ringer's injection, Normosol-R injection, 5% dextrose injection,(More)
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