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Business intelligence (BI) applications within an enterprise range over enterprise reporting, cube and ad hoc query analysis, statistical analysis, data mining, and proactive report delivery and alerting. The most sophisticated applications of BI are statistical analysis and data mining, which involve mathematical and statistical treatment of data for(More)
Statistics from the Taiwan Tourism Bureau (TTB) state that travelers to Taiwan in 2006 spent an average of 44.74% of their daily spending at hotels. Thus, the quality of services and the level of operational performance at hotels is key to the rise or fall of the tourism industry. Hotels in Taiwan can be divided into two groups: general and international(More)
We aimed to build up a visualized data analysis process to detect potential tax evasion caused by bogus business entities. Relevant datasets of bogus business entities were extracted from large databases of 8 different systems at the Fiscal Information Agency for tax evasion pattern recognition and behavior analysis. Visualized data analysis not only helped(More)
Considered that the dual band sensor system is the most popular design at present, this study discussed the design of a dual-band hybrid array readout circuit. The direct injection circuit structure was used in the unit pixel. The design, simulation, and layout were conducted in the 40um×40um unit pixel to complete middle and long waveband signal(More)
We present a “define, measure, analyze, improve, and control” (DMAIC) methodology to model the knowledge discovery process for BI applications, specifically in statistical analysis and data mining. We implemented the DMAIC methodology embedded into the existed Financial Knowledge Management System (FKMS), which can be used as an effective means to(More)