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Diabetes mellitus has been recognized since antiquity. It currently affects as many as 285 million people worldwide and results in heavy personal and national economic burdens. Considerable progress has been made in orthodox antidiabetic drugs. However, new remedies are still in great demand because of the limited efficacy and undesirable side effects of(More)
A fundamental problem arising in the evolutionary molecular biology is to discover the locations of gene duplications and multiple gene duplication episodes based on the phylogenetic information. The solutions to the MULTIPLE GENE DUPLICATION problems can provide useful clues to place the gene duplication events onto the locations of a species tree and to(More)
BACKGROUND Morus alba has long been used in traditional Chinese medicine to treat inflammatory diseases; however, the scientific basis for such usage and the mechanism of action are not well understood. This study investigated the action of M. alba on leukocyte migration, one key step in inflammation. METHODS Gas chromatography-mass spectrometry (GC-MS)(More)
Transcription factor (TF) and microRNA (miRNA) are two crucial trans-regulatory factors that coordinately control gene expression. Understanding the impacts of these two factors on the rate of protein sequence evolution is of great importance in evolutionary biology. While many biological factors associated with evolutionary rate variations have been(More)
Let a 1 , a 2 ,. .. , a n be a sequence of comparable elements. In this paper, we study two constrained versions of the longest increasing subse-quence (LIS) problem. The first problem is the range-constrained longest increasing subsequence (RLIS) problem. Given 0 < L I ≤ U I < n and 0 ≤ L V ≤ U V , the objective of the RLIS problem is to deliver a(More)