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Today, the Internet has become a resource where human users expect to find answers. If Web information and services are so useful for human users, then why not share these resources with autonomous software and robotic systems? A significant barrier to realizing this goal is the mismatch in the design and operation of robotic systems when compared to(More)
In this paper we introduce a new information discovery algorithm Multi-granularity Text Fusion (MGTF) on the Web. Granularity means the length of News relevant web documents, such as News web pages, Blog and Micro Blogs, which comes from web uses. The longer the text is, the higher of the granularity it has. Given a topic query on the Internet and the(More)
Table 3: Comparison of two-phase Fiduccia-Mattheyses partitioning of random walk clusterings and random matching based clusterings. Standard Fiduccia-Mattheyses partitioning results are included as a control. RW-ST clusterings lead to a 17 improvement i n n e t c u t o ver standard FM. We also hope to use the DS quality measure as the basis of other(More)
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