Yi-Bo Wang

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The metabolic profiles of Panax quinquefolius and its associated therapeutic values are critically affected by the repetitious steaming times. The times-dependent steaming effect of P. quinquefolius is not well-characterized and there is also no official guideline on its times of steaming. In this paper, a UPLC-Q-TOF-MS/MS method was developed for the(More)
Cyclodextrins (CDs) can improve productivity in the biotransformation of steroids by increasing conversion rate, conversion ratio, or substrate concentration. However, little is known of the proportion of products formed by multi-catabolic enzymes, e.g., via sterol side chain cleavage. Using three strains with different androst-1,4-diene-3,17-dione (ADD) to(More)
In determining leaf adaxial fates, Arabidopsis ASYMMERTIC LEAVES1 (AS1) and AS2/LBD6 are essential. The Arabidopsis ASYMMETRIC LEAVES2-LIKE15/LBD17 gene, one member of the LATERAL ORGAN BOUNDARY DOMAIN gene family, is expressed at the base of juvenile lateral roots, as well as in boundaries between meristems and organ primordial. For better comprehending(More)
Selecting the saturated graphene fragment as a model of graphene, we have investigated seven popular density functionals, including ωB97X-D, B97-D, B-LYP-D3, M05-2X, M06-2X, M11-L, and N12, for their performance in describing the adsorption of aromatic molecules on graphene. The best performing functionals are B97-D, B-LYP-D3, and ωB97X-D. M05-2X, M06-2X,(More)
ASYMMERTIC LEAVES1 (AS1) and AS2 in Arabidopsis are essential in determining leaf cell fates of adaxial axis. Here, we report ASYMMERTIC LEAVES2-LIKE38 (ASL38/LBD41), is an important gene of the LATERAL ORGAN BOUNDARY DOMAIN family. ASL38/LBD41 was detected in the adaxial and internal domain between the ab-adaxial domains of leaves. For explaining(More)
Inhalation of low-density porous particles enables deep lung delivery with less dependence on device design and patient inspiration. The purpose of this study was to implement Thin Film Freezing (TFF) to investigate a novel approach to dry powder inhalation. Powders produced by TFF were evaluated for aerodynamic and geometric particle size by cascade(More)
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