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Millimeter-wave anti-collision radars have been widely investigated in advanced CMOS technologies recently. This paper presents a fully integrated 77GHz FMCW radar system in 65nm CMOS. The FMCW radar transmits a continuous wave which is triangularly modulated in frequency and receives the wave reflected from objects. As can be illustrated in Fig. 11.2.1,(More)
A highly integrated WiFi/BT/FM/GPS connectivity combo SOC is implemented in a 60nm CMOS process. This work presents the proposed WiFi/BT merged RF transceiver, a virtual SP3T switch, and DPD algorithm to save chip area, reduce BOM and enhance performance simultaneously. The WiFi/BT/FM/GPS RF transceiver areas are 1.7/1.3/0.8/1.0mm<sup>2</sup>, respectively.(More)
This paper presents a 55nm 4-in-1 (11b/g/n, BT, FM, and GPS) radio assembled side-by-side with a 3-metal layer integrated-passive-device (IPD) chip in a QFN40 package. One 2.4GHz transceiver is area-efficiently shared between WiFi and Bluetooth systems. Including a 3dB IPD insertion loss, at chip output (antenna port) the saturated output power of the 11bgn(More)
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