Yi-An Chung

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BACKGROUND Cryptocarya-derived crude extracts and their compounds have been reported to have an antiproliferation effect on several types of cancers but their impact on oral cancer is less well understood. METHODS We examined the cell proliferation effect and mechanism of C. concinna-derived cryptocaryone (CPC) on oral cancer cells in terms of cell(More)
Cryptocarya-derived natural products were reported to have several biological effects such as the antiproliferation of some cancers. The possible antioral cancer effect of Cryptocarya-derived substances was little addressed as yet. In this study, we firstly used the methanolic extracts of C. concinna Hance roots (MECCrt) to evaluate its potential function(More)
Purpose Radiation combined with natural products may improve the radiosensitivity of cancer cells. This study investigated the potential of a combined modality treatment with Ultraviolet C (UVC; wavelength range 200-280 nm) and our previously identified anti-oral cancer agent (methanolic extracts of Cryptocarya concinna roots; MECCrt) in oral cancer cells.(More)
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