Yewei Li

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The dyadic wavelet has good multi-scale edge detection and sub-band correlation features. Contourlet transformation has multi-directional characteristics. So a new dyadic nonsampling contourlet transformation is constructed. Firstly, multi-scale decomposition is performed on source images using dyadic contourlet transform to get high-frequency and(More)
The purpose of image optimization is that the salient region of image is stand out, and is layout an image met the demand. The existed image optimization method is summarized, and their advantages and disadvantages respectively analyzed. The improved visual attention model is described, and is used to detect the salient region of image. The parameters of(More)
In this study, the pathogenic behavior of PRRSV 13V091 and 13V117, isolated in 2013 from two different Belgian farms with enzootic respiratory problems shortly after weaning in the nursery, were compared with the Belgian strain 07V063 isolated in 2007. Full-length genome sequencing was performed to identify their origin. Twelve weeks-old pigs were(More)
In the present study, the replication kinetics of nephropathogenic (B1648) and respiratory (Massachusetts-M41) IBV strains were compared in vitro in respiratory mucosa explants and blood monocytes (KUL01(+) cells), and in vivo in chickens to understand why some IBV strains have a kidney tropism. B1648 was replicating somewhat better than M41 in the(More)
Replication kinetics and invasion characteristics of equine herpesvirus-1 and -3 (EHV-1/-3) in nasal and vaginal mucosae were compared using explants. The explants were cultured during 96 h with little change in viability. The tissues were inoculated with EHV-1 03P37 (neuropathogenic), 97P70 (abortigenic) and EHV-3 04P57, collected at 0, 24, 48 and 72 h(More)
  • Ivan Trus, Ilias S. Frydas, Vishwanatha R. A. P. Reddy, Caroline Bonckaert, Yewei Li, Lise K. Kvisgaard +2 others
  • 2016
Stable spatial distribution of porcine reproductive and respiratory syndrome (PRRSV)-1 subtypes in Europe is accompanied by a strong population immunity induced by local PRRSV strains. In the present study, it was examined if the immunity induced by three West European subtype 1 PRRSV strains (2007 isolate 07V063 and 2013 isolates 13V091 and 13V117) offers(More)
Visual attention model has a good visual attention characteristic, which can accurately detect the salient region in images. Image scaling algorithm based on salient region will be studied. The salient region in original images is firstly detected, and the different region will be resized by the different scaling rules. At last, the resized image will be(More)
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