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The dyadic wavelet has good multi-scale edge detection and sub-band correlation features. Contourlet transformation has multi-directional characteristics. So a new dyadic nonsampling contourlet transformation is constructed. Firstly, multi-scale decomposition is performed on source images using dyadic contourlet transform to get high-frequency and(More)
The visual attention model and the Mean Value Seamless Cloning (MVSC) algorithm are combined to propose an image mosaicing algorithm based on salient region and MVSC. The new algorithm uses the visual attention model to extract the salient region, and to use the regional registration technology to achieve the image matching, and MVSC algorithm possess good(More)
The essence of image segmentation is a based on some properties the process for pixel classification. Firstly, three typical methods in image segmentation methods are outlined and their characteristic is analyzed in this paper. The traditional visual attention model is described and improved in this paper. The input image gray value and edge features are(More)
The purpose of image optimization is that the salient region of image is stand out, and is layout an image met the demand. The existed image optimization method is summarized, and their advantages and disadvantages respectively analyzed. The improved visual attention model is described, and is used to detect the salient region of image. The parameters of(More)
Image inpainting is an important content in the image recovery research area, and also is a research hot spot in the computer graphics and computer vision in the current. Two major categories image inpainting techniques are introduced. After Pre-processing, we get gray image and using contour extraction algorithm to extract the contour features of damaged(More)
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