Yew Liang Lee

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Immigrant Selection Systems and Immigrant Health This paper is an analysis of the determinants of self-reported health status of immigrants, with a particular focus on type of visa used to gain admission. The concept of “health capital” and an immigrant selection and adjustment model are employed. The empirical analysis uses the three waves of the(More)
BACKGROUND Facebook and mobile texting are prevalent in the lives of almost every student. However, little is known about the relationship between Facebook usage or mobile texting and their impacts on health amongst undergraduate dental students. In this study, excessive Facebook use and excessive mobile texting were studied as they relate to impacts on(More)
Parents and Children Talk: The Family Dynamics of English Language Proficiency This paper extends the analysis of the acquisition of destination language proficiency among immigrants by explicitly incorporating dynamics among family members – mother, father and children. Single equation, bivariate, and four-state (multivariate) probit analyses are employed.(More)
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