Yew Khoy Chuah

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An innovative non-invasive Zigbee-base wireless controller is proposed in this study for energy saving control of split and package air-conditioning units. The controller needs only be connected to the temperature sensor of an air-conditioner, therefore is non-invasive to the control circuitry of the air-conditioner. The primary function of the controller(More)
Regenerative heat recovery has many industrial applications such in VOC treatment of automobile painting booth. A generalized thermal regeneration process coupled with a process and a pre-process was reviewed. Heat transfer and energy balance of the processes were analyzed and heat gain in the cycles is presented with relation to the efficiency of the(More)
Heat recovery efficiency is critical in the applications of regenerative thermal oxidizer (RTO). This study attempts to present a generalized mathematical model comprising all the parameters necessary to evaluate RTO performance for transient and stabilized conditions. The model includes governing equations for heat generation, heat degeneration and(More)
The necessity of airconditioning causes the enormous energy use of underground train stations. Exergy and thermoeconomic analysis is applied to the annual operation of the airconditioning system of a large underground train station in Taiwan. The current installation and the monitored data are taken to be the base case, which is then compared to three(More)
The station under study is a typical underground mass rapid transit station with concourse and platform floors, exhibits atrium type of space at parts of the building. The performance of the smoke management system was studied by computer modeling using FDS version 3.10. The fire sizes of 2.5 MW and 1.0 MW were used respectively for the concourse and the(More)
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