Yew-Hock Ang

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Multihop Relay (MR) is defined in IEEE 802.16j for coverage extension and capacity enhancement of the legacy IEEE 802.16e Point-to-Multi-Point (PMP) networks. In MR networks, relay stations (RSs) deployment is crucial in achieving good network performance. In this paper, we explore the optimal RS selection problem. By incorporating highway mobility pattern(More)
For a given multi-hop route in an IEEE 802.16 mesh network, we are interested in finding its end-to-end capacity so that admission control can be performed. The end-to-end capacity is difficult to determine due to the interference between communicating nodes caused by the broadcast nature of radio propagation. In this paper, we first propose a method to(More)
This paper describes a novel method of image retrieval based on multidimensional shape and blob features. Multidimensional features enable different aspects of local and global features to be reliably characterized. In addition, feature analysis i applied to multiresolution images to extract feature details at different perceptual scales. Each feature set(More)
Improvements in compression performance can be achieved if the image transform is able to adapt to the shape of the objects present. We propose a new hybrid shape-adaptive orthogonal transform which is based on -channel subband decomposition and shape-adaptive DCT techniques. The signal extension method for the region-based dyadic wavelet transform is(More)
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