Yevhen Yashchyshyn

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This paper describes the development of microwave photonic antennas concepts and their applications. The experimental study of the transmitting and receiving photonic antenna are shown. The transmitting photonic antenna consists of photodiode integrated with microstrip E-shaped patch antenna, and receiving photonic antenna consists of laser diode integrated(More)
In this paper, the radiation characteristics of a new microstrip electrically controllable scan antenna are investigated theoretically and experimentally. Both longitudinal and transverse currents are taken into account. The substrate of this antenna consists of a ceramic-polymer composite with modified ferroelectric powder Ba<sub>0,65(More)
The paper concerns a system for detecting cross section of an object under test. The object is located on a revolving platform and excited with ultra short pulses. The cross section is calculated on a base of matrix constituted by the signal received coherently for different angles. Phase shift between pulses is key information in those calculations.
This paper reports a range of experience gained during application of Novelda impulse transceiver module in an ultra-wideband radar system. The paper describes the specific data acquisition procedure performed by the transceiver module. The external radio frequency (RF) circuit is proposed, which provides improved detection capability of the radar system.(More)
Nowadays, radioelectronic systems employ multiple antenna systems. Reconfigurable apertures are derived from a new class of antennas, which consist of a matrix of conducting patches with switches between some or all of the patches. These reconfigurable apertures can change functionality by opening or closing different connections between these patches. An(More)
In the article three different photonic Remote Antenna Units (RAU) in the last mile Wireless over Fiber links are presented. For construction of RAU commercially available optoelectronic devices were used. The solutions differ from each other by the method of ensuring isolation between transmitting and receiving modes of operation. All RAUs were designed,(More)
The results of investigation of the semiconductor antenna with electronically reconfigurable aperture has been presented in this paper. The semiconductor antenna means that the antenna utilizes the semiconductor as a substrate, which parameters can be varied. The key element of the reconfigurable antenna is a surface PIN (SPIN) diode whose conductivity(More)