Yevgeny I. Somov

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Magnetometers are widely used for attitude determination of the low Earth orbit satellites. In order to estimate the satellite attitude accurately, bias of magnetometer must be estimated. In this study a linear Kalman filter based algorithm for estimation of magnetometer biases is proposed. We present computer technology for onboard signal processing and(More)
The information mini-satellites (for communication, geodesy, radio- and opto-electronic observation of the Earth et al.) and the space free-flying robots (used for service of manned orbital space stations and for assembling the large space structures) have some principal problems with respect to their spatial guidance and control. In the paper these(More)
Mathematical models of a gyroplane rotor have been carried out. Their approximate analytical solutions have been obtained. Software allowing one to simulate and study a rotor dynamics has been created. Major physical features on the forced flexible oscillations of the rotor have been investigated. The results obtained have successfully been applied to(More)
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