Yevgeny Gerlits

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1 —AJAX (Asynchronous JavaScript and XML) is a very promising technology for building interactive web applications. At the same time, AJAX significantly complicates the development of the client side of web applications. The paper demonstrates the possibility of utilizing the UniTESK test development technology for testing the client side functionality of(More)
DYANA 1 is an environment designed for development of distributed systems. We demonstrate that DYANA augmented with UPPAAL is well suited for simulation and model checking of real-time embedded system designs defined with UML statecharts. To this end, we present the case studies of onboard systems for cars and aircrafts as well as of a general-purpose(More)
The paper presents the experience of the authors in model based testing of safety critical real-time control logic software. It describes specifics of the corresponding industrial settings and discusses technical details of usage of UniTESK model based testing technology in these settings. Finally, we discuss possible future directions of safety critical(More)
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