Yevgeni Sherman

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OBJECTIVES A study was made to determine the sensitivity and specificity of immunostaining of the Lewis X antigen in exfoliated urothelial cells from voided urine, for the detection and surveillance of bladder tumors. METHODS Three consecutive voided urine specimens were obtained from 101 patients, 78 of whom were under surveillance because of a history(More)
The clinical characteristics and endoscopic appearance of inflammatory bowel disease (IBD) may be very similar to those of amebic colitis. Physicians, especially in areas in which amebiasis is endemic, are familiar with this difficulty. Moreover, in individual cases, it may even be impossible to distinguish between the two conditions, since stool specimens,(More)
PURPOSE We examined the use of immunostaining of the Lewis X antigen in exfoliated cells from voided urine samples, cytopathology and bladder ultrasound for noninvasive detection of bladder tumors as a potential substitute for cystoscopy. MATERIALS AND METHODS A total of 260 patients were included, of whom 80 were evaluated because of irritative symptoms(More)
Intravascular lymphomatosis (IVL) is a rare malignancy characterized by neoplastic proliferation of lymphoid cells within the lumens of arteries, small veins and capillaries. We report four patients with IVL and review the recent world literature, relating to incidence, clinical features and possible therapy. In these cases diagnosis was established(More)
BACKGROUND Bowel preparation prior to colonic surgery usually includes antibiotic therapy together with mechanical bowel preparation (MBP). Mechanical bowel preparation may cause discomfort to the patient, prolonged hospitalization, and water and electrolyte imbalance. It was assumed that with the improvement in surgical technique together with the use of(More)
We report seven patients with the localized form of Castleman's disease, diagnosed by surgical biopsy; four had the plasma cell type and three the hyaline vascular type. A variety of nonspecific clinical and radiologic findings were identified in these patients. Precise clinical staging is important to separate the widespread from the localized form of(More)
AIM We performed a retrospective study of 267 core needle aspiration biopsies in order to estimate the accuracy of CT-guided aspiration core needle biopsies for the diagnosis and subsequent treatment of malignant lymphoma. MATERIALS AND METHODS Between 1989 and 1999, 267 CT-guided core needle biopsies were performed in 241 patients with either primary or(More)
PURPOSE In an initial evaluation of 1,500 computed tomography (CT)-guided core-needle biopsies performed at our institute during the period from 1989 to 1994, we encountered 100 patients with the diagnosis of lymphoma. Here, we review the clinical impact of 109 image-guided needle biopsies in these 100 patients with non-Hodgkin's lymphoma (NHL) and(More)
OBJECTIVE To evaluate the spermatogenic process through cellular ploidy by image analysis. DESIGN Twenty-six testicular aspirates from 24 infertile men were examined by fine needle aspiration (FNA) cytologic smears. These results were compared with the ploidy content of the cells using Feulgen stain, determined by image analysis. RESULTS The results of(More)