Yeu-Horng Shiau

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Blurred underwater image is always an annoying problem in the oceanic engineering. In this paper, we propose an efficient and low complexity underwater image enhancement method based on dark channel prior. Our method employs the median filter instead of the soft matting procedure to estimate the depth map of image. Moreover, a color correction method is(More)
—In this letter, a fast and efficient haze removal method is presented. We employ an extremum approximate method to extract the atmospheric light and propose a contour preserving estimation to obtain the transmission by using edge-preserving and mean filters alternately. Our method can efficiently avoid the halo artifact generated in the recovered image. To(More)
For real-time surveillance and safety applications in intelligent transportation systems, high-speed processing for image enhancement is necessary and must be considered. In this paper, we propose a fast and efficient illumination adjustment algorithm that is suitable for low-cost very large scale integration implementation. Experimental results show that(More)
In this paper, we propose an efficient algorithm for dynamic range compression that is able to obtain high-quality results with low computational cost and without halo artifact. the approach belongs to the category of methods based on the Retinex theory. an edge-preserving filter based on the concept of order-statistics filter is presented for the(More)
In order to establish a comprehensive automatic visual surveillance system, many researches aimed at tracking objects for high-precision and recognized objects for high accuracy. The process of these technologies involves a lot of computation load and even highly complex algorithms to meet the requirement. However, while implementing these technologies for(More)