Yetunde Olusola Ajayi

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Neural progenitor cell lines, generated by conditional immortalization from the embryonic CNS, have previously been shown to survive and integrate after transplantation to the adult brain. The present study was designed to investigate the in vivo differentiation and morphological features of grafted neural progenitors using combined autoradiography and(More)
BACKGROUND Conjunctival mast cells (MCs) are important effector cells in seasonal allergic conjunctivitis, via histamine and cytokine secretion. Several new anti-allergic eye drops stabilize MCs and block histamine receptors, but their anti-inflammatory effects are unclear. OBJECTIVE Anti-allergic drugs were compared for their anti-inflammatory effects in(More)
OBJECTIVE This study evaluated final year dental students' knowledge of human immunodeficiency virus (HIV), lesions associated with HIV, potential transmission routes of HIV, and their perception of the teaching received on cross-infection precautions, virology, sterilization practice and procedure, barrier dentistry and recognition of blood-borne virus(More)
The aim of this study was to determine attitudes to malocclusion and orthodontic treatment need among school children in Lagos, Nigeria. The sample consisted of 120 randomly selected school children, 66 boys (55%) and 54 girls (45%) aged 10-12 years in Lagos State, Southwestern region of Nigeria. The study was conducted with a fixed choice questionnaire and(More)
PURPOSE Perception of maxillary midline diastema as an esthetic trait varies in relation to culture, age group, and racial background. Although midline diastema is accepted in Africa, there are few reports on interethnic perception of midline diastema among Nigerians. METHODS Participants aged 19 to 45 years were selected from six geographical zones of(More)
OBJECTIVE To determine the prevalence of ocular injury and the frequency of use of protective eye wear among the dental personnel of Lagos University teaching hospital. METHODOLOGY A structured questionnaire was distributed to dental personnel of Lagos University Teaching Hospital working in the dental clinic and laboratory within a period of one month(More)
AIM To describe the pattern of presentation of carious permanent teeth with pulp exposure and to determine factors associated with choice of treatment for such teeth. MATERIALS AND METHODS All patients presenting at the oral diagnosis clinic of Lagos University Teaching Hospital Dental centre between January 2009 and June 2009 were examined and those with(More)
OBJECTIVES The aim of this study was to determine the frequency and reasons for endodontic treatment in patients aged 16 years and below seen at the Paedodontic clinic of the Department of Child Dental Health of the Lagos University Teaching Hospital. METHODS Dental records of patients aged 16 years and below treated for various dental problems at the(More)
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