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In order to satisfy timeliness of messages and improve system's flexibility in networked control systems (NCS) based on controller area network (CAN), a distributed dynamic message scheduling method based on deadline of message (DM) was proposed. In this method, provided that a message is successfully transmitted, transmission requirement of the next(More)
This paper proposes a flux control strategy for a consequent-pole permanent-magnet (CPPM) machine that increases torque capability over a wide speed range and enhances efficiency with a fast convergence. After a brief analysis of the parameters of the CPPM machine, a new flux-weakening algorithm is proposed to achieve maximum torque output over the entire(More)
The drive part in robotic system is usually modelled as a rigid body. However, in the practice, there exist many elastic transmission elements, which may cause vibration to reduce system performance, moreover, the vibration possibly damage the mechanical transmission elements. In this paper, a modified internal model controller (MIMC) for the speed(More)
Recent advances in multi-axis control systems highly rely on new control algorithms and system architectures. The system-on-chip technology is able to realize the novel multi-axis control systems efficiently. But the system-on-chip design and implementation are still challenging and time-consuming for most control system practitioners. This article presents(More)
The objective of this paper is to present a series of novel doubly salient electromagnetic generator (DSEG) with multiple rotor poles for direct driven wind turbine. The 6k/4k-pole DSEGs are restricted in direct drive wind power application for the constraint between stator pole number and rotor pole number. Recent work by the authors shows a series of DSEG(More)
A dynamic distributed message scheduling method suitable for CAN (Controller Area Network) network was proposed in this paper, it can guarantee that, within given lifetime (LT), all messages in the CAN-based network can be transmitted to destination nodes successfully, and can fairly allocate network bandwidth resource to message streams. In this method,(More)
A message scheduling method suitable for CAN-based bus networks is presented in this paper, it realizes message scheduling by dynamically changing identifier of message. The method can effectively guarantee that all messages can be successfully transmitted to destination nodes within given delay time, and the network bandwidth resources can also be fairly(More)
The objective of this paper is to develop a high power density PM motor for the strict dimension applications. Halbach array which has potential to offer high air-gap flux density and concentrated windings which has short winding end regions are considered. The discrete Halbach array and concentrated windings configurations are introduced first. Then(More)
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