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AIM A novel ex vivo model for the study of adherence and invasion of dermatophytes to the stratum corneum was developed. MATERIALS AND METHODS A skin of full epidermis thickness was infected by spores of Trichophyton mentagrophytes and examined after various periods of time by scanning and transmission electron microscopy. RESULTS After 12 h of(More)
AIMS This study deals with the history of variolation as the oldest immunization method to be transferred from East to West, with emphasis on Turkey's role in this transmission. SCOPE The technique of variolation was used by various ancient civilizations such as those in India, Tibet and many other parts of Asia. It was based on the subcutaneous(More)
There are conflicting results regarding the role of autoantibodies in the pathogenesis of vitiligo. To examine their in vivo effect, human skin was transplanted onto nude mice injected with purified IgG obtained from patients with vitiligo and from controls. The effect was evaluated by several techniques. Dihydroxyphenylalanine staining revealed a marked(More)
BACKGROUND Phenol is a general protoplastic poison which has been in use in medicine and industry for decades. It is readily absorbed through the skin causing both local and systemic toxicity. CASE REPORT A 47-year-old male had 90% phenol spilled over his left foot and shoe (3% of body surface area). After a 4 1/2-hour exposure, manifestations included(More)
Sixty-three patients (mean age 54 +/- 9 years) who were treated for a basal cell carcinoma (BCC) and 54 control subjects (mean age 51 +/- 11 years) filled out detailed questionnaires on their sun exposure and sun protection habits. Patients were given the questionnaires at least 1 year after their skin tumors had been excised. Differences between patients(More)
Neuromarketing is a recent interdisciplinary field which crosses traditional boundaries between neuroscience, neuroeconomics and marketing research. Since this nascent field is primarily concerned with improving marketing strategies and promoting sales, there has been an increasing public aversion and protest against it. These protests can be exemplified by(More)
The discovery of X-rays (1895) by W.C. Roentgen has been a very important step of the modern civilization as a revolutionary technique for scientists all around the world and it has immediately been applied in medical field. The aim of this study is to search the start of radiology in Turkey on the basis of archival and first hand sources. This study shows(More)