Yeshwantrao Chavan

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This paper reviews computer assisted histopathology image analysis for cancer detection and classification. Histopathology refers to the examination of invasive or less invasive biopsy sample by a pathologist under microscope for locating, analyzing and classifying most of the diseases like cancer. The analysis of histoapthological image is done manually by(More)
In network based intrusion detection system, the large number of irrelative, redundant characteristics of features increases the processing and saving time of data. For improving the anomaly detection accuracy, we are implementing important rough set based feature selection techniques, in which original data set is reduced to some essential feature subset(More)
This paper presents an automated defect detection and classification system for radiographic images of valve casting. The proposed system provides solution on complex problems of radiographic image interpretation. The multiple morphological image processing implemented in this work eliminates the problem of over-segmentation as well as gives good results to(More)
The work presented in this paper targets on the Division operation i.e. division. Basic operations like addition, subtraction and multiplication are implemented using Vedic mathematics for various dedicated applications such as RSA encryption and decryption algorithm. The proposed work focuses on division operation which is an important operation in areas(More)
The objective of this research is to study the hardness &aluminiumloss with percentage variation in Aluminium content added to zinc. As there is a method for coating known as Galfan is available, in which combination of 95%zinc and 5% Aluminium is used for protecting steel from corrosion.As there are not much details available about why this composition is(More)
This paper introduces novel architecture for Radix-10 decimal multiplier. The new generation of highperformance decimal floating-point units (DFUs) is demanding efficient implementations of parallel decimal multiplier. The parallel generation of partial products is performed using signed-digit radix-10 recoding of the multiplier and a simplified set of(More)
Power consumption is the major issue in VLSI design. In this paper an efficient low power first order sigma delta modulator is designed for oversampled ADC using floating gate folded cascode operational amplifier, in 0.35 μm Technology. Floating gate MOSFET have low power Dissipation hence it is an attractive solution in design of data converters, low(More)
The purpose of this article is to review the relevant literature in machining using minimum quantity lubrication In this research project an on-going comparative study will be made for tool wear and surface roughness by varying cutting parameters under dry and Minimum Quantity Lubrication (MQL) environment while machining hardened medium carbon steel (hard(More)
Development in VLSI technology and its implementation leading to optimization of various systems related with prime parameters such as power, speed and area has been achieved. As the consumer electronics market is growing very rapidly, RISC processors with additional features required to be implemented are also demanding. The RISC processor supports many(More)