Yeruva Niveditha

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One hundred and five female and thirty-four male student volunteers were divided into three groups. Each group was again divided into siblings of hypertensives (SH) and siblings of normotensives (C). SH group had higher basal seated and supine Systolic and Diastolic Blood Pressures (SBPs and DBPs, respectively). During cold pressor test (CPT), the SH group(More)
The effect of isosorbide dinitrate or indoramin on myocardial ischaemia was examined in patients with stable angina pectoris. In a prospective trial, randomization resulted in 8 and 9 patients, respectively, given isosorbide dinitrate in a dose of 30-90 mg daily, and indoramin in a dose of 75-225 mg daily; 2 of these patients were serially examined during(More)
Several studies have shown that the maximal ST/HR slope may be used as a reliable index of myocardial ischemia as assessed by coronary angiography, but this involves laborious training and derivation, particularly with respect to the measurement of ST segment amplitude, which is obtained by averaging values measured in at least 10 cardiac cycles in the(More)
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