Yerramilli V.S.S. Murty

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A microprocessor-based fault diagnosis scheme is presented for a three-phase fully controlled converter. In addition to the monitoring of the faults, the system also has the provision for a microprocessor-based firing scheme and a feedback-current control loop which provides protection against short circuit across the load terminals. The scheme has been(More)
The shoot apex has one tunica layer enclosing a mass of corpus which is differentiated cytohistologically into central mother cell zone, flank zone, rib zone and a ‘cambium-like’ zone. Occurrence of ‘cambium-like’ zone during minimal phase is considered as an expression of nodal region. Agave wightii shows spirodistichous arrangement of leaves which have an(More)
The inflorescence apex is stratified and has a single layered tunica, bracts as well as all the floral organs develop acropetally. Except for stamens which are initiated with the activity of deeper layers of apex, all other floral appendages are initiated with the activity of second layer. On the basis of ontogenetic studies the floral organs have been(More)
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