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We introduce a single-cell based simulation model of biofilm growth. Each microbial cell is modelled as an autonomous agent whose behavior is controlled by thermodynamic parameters, mechanical properties, physiological rules and environmental conditions. In the two-dimensional version presented here, a cell is represented by a closed chain of self-avoiding(More)
In the present work, we are studying the local conformation of chains in a thin film of polystyrene adsorbed on a solid substrate by using atomistically detailed simulations. The simulations are carried out by using the readily available and massively parallel molecular dynamics code known as LAMMPS. In particular, a special emphasis is given to the density(More)
We take a single-level quantum dot embedded between two metallic leads at different temperatures and chemical potentials which works as a heat engine. Two optimization criteria were used and their corresponding optimized efficiencies, powers, and periods evaluated. A comparison between similar quantities of the two optimization criteria reveals mixed(More)
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