Yeqing Sun

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—This paper presents a swarm rough approach to analyze the combination factors of violent crime. The approach discovers the feature combinations in an efficient way to observe the change of rough set positive region as the fuzzy swarm proceed throughout the search space. We evaluated the performance of our approach using the violent factor datasets and the(More)
Detection of living microalgae cells is very important for ballast water treatment and analysis. Chlorophyll fluorescence is an indicator of photosynthetic activity and hence the living status of plant cells. In this paper, we developed a novel microfluidic biosensor system that can quickly and accurately detect the viability of single microalgae cells(More)
Space radiation brings uneven damages to cells. The detection of the distribution of cell damage plays a very important role in radiation medicine and the related research. In this paper, a new hand-held microfluidic flow cytometer was developed to evaluate the degree of radiation damage of cells. The device we propose overcomes the shortcomings (e.g.,(More)
BACKGROUND Tear conversion followed by repair and trans-tendon techniques have been widely used for partial-thickness rotator cuff tears. Both of them showed favorable results with regard to the management of articular-sided partial-thickness rotator cuff tears (PTRCTs) of more than 50% thickness. However, controversy continues with the best management.(More)
Radiation and microgravity exposure have been proven to induce abnormal apoptosis in microRNA (miRNA) and mRNA expression, but whether space conditions, including radiation and microgravity, activate miRNAs to regulate the apoptosis is undetermined. For that purpose, we investigated miRNome and mRNA expression in the ced-1 Caenorhabditis elegans mutant vs(More)
Different radiobiological models have been proposed to estimate the cell-killing effects, which are very important in radiotherapy and radiation risk assessment. However, most applied models have their own scopes of application. In this work, by generalizing the relationship between "hit" and "survival" in traditional target theory with Yager negation(More)
Stem cells have long been hypothesized to improve outcomes following rotator cuff repair. However, these cells must be signaled in order to do so. TGIF1 is a transcription factor that has been found to be down-regulated in cells involved in chondrogenesis. We therefore wished to examine whether stem cells expressing lower levels of TGIF1 could better(More)
BACKGROUND Both tenotomy and tenodesis have been widely used for the treatment of long head of biceps tendon (LHBT) lesions, but the optimal strategy remains considerably controversial. In this meta-analysis of published studies, we compared the results of the two procedures. METHODS A literature search that compared tenotomy with tenodesis was performed(More)
—This paper presents the factor clustering analysis for violent crimes. The efficiency of Rough-fuzzy C-means algorithm is affected by the numbers of clusters, and not all centroids are beneficial. The analyzing of violent crime data does not need human intervention for impartiality. The information entropy is a helpful tool for resolving those issues. In(More)
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