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Different radiobiological models have been proposed to estimate the cell-killing effects, which are very important in radiotherapy and radiation risk assessment. However, most applied models have their own scopes of application. In this work, by generalizing the relationship between "hit" and "survival" in traditional target theory with Yager negation(More)
By considering both cellular repair effects and indirect effects of radiation, we have generalized the traditional target model, and made it have a linear-quadratic-linear characteristic. To assess the repair capacity-dependent radiosensitivity and relative biological effectiveness (RBE), the generalized target model was used to fit the survival of human(More)
Radiation and microgravity exposure have been proven to induce abnormal apoptosis in microRNA (miRNA) and mRNA expression, but whether space conditions, including radiation and microgravity, activate miRNAs to regulate the apoptosis is undetermined. For that purpose, we investigated miRNome and mRNA expression in the ced-1 Caenorhabditis elegans mutant vs(More)
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