Yeontae Jeong

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Nek2 is a mitotic kinase whose activity varies during the cell cycle. It is well known that Nek2 is involved in centrosome splitting, and a number of studies have indicated that Nek2 is crucial for maintaining the integrity of centrosomal structure and microtubule nucleation activity. In the present study, we report that NIP2, previously identified as(More)
Nek2 is a mammalian protein kinase that is structurally homologous to NIMA, a mitotic regulator in Aspergillus nidulans. To understand the possible cellular processes in which Nek2 participates during the cell cycle, we investigated the expression and subcellular localization of Nek2 in mitotic cells. The Nek2 protein levels were observed to be regulated in(More)
Centrobin/NIP2 is a centrosomal protein that is required for centrosome duplication. It is also critical for microtubule organization in both interphase and mitotic cells. In the present study, we observed that centrobin is phosphorylated in a cell cycle stage-specific manner, reaching its maximum at M phase. PLK1 is a kinase that is responsible for M(More)
Centrobin/Nip2 was initially identified as a centrosome protein that is critical for centrosome duplication and spindle assembly. In the present study, we determined the expression and subcellular localization of centrobin in selected mouse tissues. Immunoblot analysis revealed that the centrobin-specific band of 100 kDa was detected in all tissues tested(More)
Nek2 is a mitotic kinase with multiple cellular functions involving phosphorylation of diverse substrates. Suppression of Nek2 in early mouse embryos has been shown to arrest development at the 4-cell stage with defects in mitotic spindle assembly as well as in interphase nuclear morphology. In the present study, we suppressed expression of two Nek2(More)
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