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Internet traffic measurement and analysis has long been used to characterize network usage and user behaviors, but faces the problem of scalability under the explosive growth of Internet traffic and high-speed access. Scalable Internet traffic measurement and analysis is difficult because a large data set requires matching computing and storage resources.(More)
PURPOSE To determine the speed, accuracy, ease of use, and user satisfaction of various electronic data entry platforms for use in the collection of mammography clinical trials data. METHOD AND MATERIALS Four electronic data entry platforms were tested: standalone personal digital assistant (PDA), Tablet PC, digitizer Tablet/PDA Hybrid (DTP Hybrid), and(More)
Viable and nonviable Weissella confusa strain PL9001 inhibited the binding of Helicobacter pylori to human gastric-cell line MKN-45 cells by more than 90%. Spent culture supernatant of PL9001 rapidly decreased the viability of H. pylori, rupturing cell walls. The results suggest that PL9001 is a probiotic that can reduce the infectivity and persistence of(More)
Throughout the long history of industrial and academic research, many microbes have been isolated, characterized and preserved (whenever possible) in culture collections. With the steady accumulation in observational data of biodiversity as well as microbial sequencing data, bio-resource centers have to function as data and information repositories to serve(More)
In this paper, we propose an IP geolocation DB creation method based on a crowd-sourcing Internet broadband performance measurement tagged with locations and present an IP geolocation DB based on 7 years of Internet broadband performance data in Korea. Compared with other commercial IP geolocation DBs, our crowd-sourcing IP geolocation DB shows increased(More)