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In this paper, the design and the fabrication of dual bandpass filter with controllable bandwidth is presented. Two resonators are designed to have different fundamental resonant frequencies, one for the lower passband and the other for the upper passband. A lossless transmission line model is used to determine the resonance properties of the resonator and(More)
A compact printed dual dipole structure with CPW-fed for WLAN operations is proposed in this paper. The proposed antenna, which consists of dual dipole strips, has modified monopole and modified strips by the ground plane. The proposed antenna has been obtained good radiation characteristics. This antenna is effectively covered 5 GHz (5.15–5.825 GHz)(More)
The work presents an improved coaxial line fed ring-slot antenna system for microwave coagulation therapy. The performance of a hyperthermia applicator is characterized by both impedance matching and specific absorption rate (SAR) distribution in the tissue of interest. First, we analyze the antenna of a conventional applicator and modify the configuration(More)
In this paper, we proposed the Balun-BPF(band pass filter) using the magnetically coupled resonators. The proposed Balun-BPF is a deformation of the transformer which operates like the ideal Balun in low frequency. The conventional coupled-resonator filter design theory was used for the design of a Balun-BPF. Moreover, the Interdigital-loop resonator was(More)
An effective and simple planar dipole antenna has been proposed with a balun transition and the balanced array dipole element. This design methodology is not only simple to implement but also low profile and provides 1.84∼2.44 GHz bandwidth with fairly good radiation patterns. Unbalanced currents are compensated for balun transition which provide the(More)
Determining resonant frequency was proposed for the bandpass filter using single dual-mode resonator. Because a coupling coefficient implied the information which is the position of poles for the bandpass filter, the resonant frequencies (&#x0192;<inf>e</inf>, &#x0192;<inf>m</inf>) were obtained through the equivalent circuit analysis and the simple(More)
The embedded meander line in stepped-impedance resonator (SIR) is proposed to design narrow bandpass filter with a good stopband characteristics. The design differs from the general SIR configuration in that the microstrip lines are bent at the location of the maximum magnetic field density. As a result, the resonators have high external quality factors by(More)
The paper describes a coaxial antenna system for treating cancer with catheter-based tissue heating. The performance of an antenna for hyperthermia is characterized by specific absorption rate (SAR) and temperature rise in the tissue of interest. First, we analyze the antenna of a conventional applicator and modify its configuration to improve the heating(More)