Yeongpil Cho

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—In order to meet the increasing demand for high performance in smartphones, recent studies suggested mobile cloud computing techniques that aim to connect the phones to adjacent powerful cloud servers to throw their computational burden to the servers. These techniques often employ execution offloading schemes that migrate a process between machines during(More)
The recent advancement in cloud computing in cloud computing is leading to and excessive growth of the mobile devices that can become powerful means for the information access and mobile applications. This introducing a latent technology called Mobile cloud computing. Smart phone device supports wide range of mobile applications which require high(More)
—Recent efforts towards mobile cloud propose to offload mobile applications to cloud servers for the improved performance and battery life of mobile devices. However, existing schemes completely ignore the costs of cloud resources by assuming that idle servers are always available for free of charge. These unrealistic assumptions make each server run only a(More)
As more and more mobile applications need to run security critical codes (SCCs) for secure transactions and critical information handling, the demand for a Trusted Execution Environment (TEE) to ensure safe execution of SCCs is rapidly escalating. Although a number of studies have implemented TEEs using TrustZone or hy-pervisors and have evinced the(More)
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