Yeong Suk Kim

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We have studied the quantitative structure-property relationship between descriptors representing the molecular structure and glass transition temperature (T(g)) for 103 molecules including organic electroluminescent (EL) devices materials. Eighty-six descriptors were introduced and among them seven descriptors (one topological descriptor, one thermodynamic(More)
Cyclic voltammetry is a particularly useful tool for characterizing charge accumulation in conductive materials. A simple model is presented to evaluate proton transport effects on charge storage in conductive materials associated with a redox process coupled with proton insertion in the bulk material from an aqueous buffered solution, a situation(More)
Measurements of aerosols were made in 2001 and 2002 at Dunhuang (40 degrees 00'N, 94 degrees 30'E), China to understand the nature of atmospheric particles over the desert areas in the Asian continent. Balloon-borne measurements with an optical particle counter suggested that particle size and concentration had noticeable peaks in super micron size range(More)
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