Yeong Min Jang

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Femtocell technology is envisioned to be widely deployed in subscribers’ homes to provide high data rate communications with quality of service. Dense deployment of femtocells will offload large amounts of traffic from the macrocellular network to the femtocellular network by the successful integration of macrocellular and femtocellular networks. Efficient(More)
This paper introduces the asynchronous Optical Camera Communication (asynchronous OCC) using LED and rolling shutter camera as a pair of wireless communication. Aiming to enhance the capacity of unidirectional wireless link, the response of camera is measured, and then the operating frequency range, system architecture, decoding procedure and algorithm are(More)
The next generation network aims to efficiently deploy low cost and low power cellular base station in the subscriber's home environment. For the femtocell deployment, frequency allocation among femtocells and macrocell is big concern to mitigate the interference, and to ensure the best use of the expensive spectrum. There are many sources of interference(More)
Provisioning of quality of service (QoS) is a key issue in any multi-media system. However, in wireless systems, supporting QoS requirements of different traffic types is a more challenging problem due to the need to simultaneously minimize two performance metrics - the probability of dropping a handover call and the probability of blocking a new call.(More)
In large scale applications like military surveillance, sensing coverage is essential for target detection and optimization of power consumption is important for lifetime extension of the network. In battle field, nodes are deployed randomly which results some places empty and some places dense. To assure the sensing coverage for the whole area of interest,(More)
Provisioning of quality of service (QoS) is a key issue in visible light communication (VLC) system as well as in other wireless communication systems. Due to the fact that QoS requirements are not as strict for all traffic types, more calls of higher priority traffic classes can be accommodated by blocking some more calls of lower priority traffic classes.(More)
"Green" and energy-efficient wireless communication schemes have recently experienced rapid development and garnered much interest. One such scheme is visible light communication (VLC) which is being touted as one of the next generation wireless communication systems. VLC allows communication using multi-color channels that provide high data rates and(More)
The satisfaction level of femtocell users depends on the availability of requested bandwidth. But, the xDSL line that can be used for the backhauling of femtocell traffic cannot always provide sufficient bandwidth due to the inequality between the xDSL capacity and demanded bandwidth of home applications, like IPTV, PC, Wi-Fi, and others. A Service Level(More)
LED-ID (light emitting diode - identification) system typically uses line of sight (LOS) channels to achieve high data rate and bright illumination. In LOS channel, however, the LED-ID system has very narrow coverage. In cellular networks, the relay station has been introduced to improve system throughput and coverage. Accordingly, new optical relay scheme(More)