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In this study, exponential finite-time synchronization for generalized Lorenz chaotic systems is investigated. The significant contribution of this paper is that master-slave synchronization is achieved within a pre-specified convergence time and with a simple linear control. The designed linear control consists of two parts: one achieves exponential(More)
This study investigates H ∞ finite-time synchronization (HFTS) problems for a general class of chaotic systems with external disturbances. The HFTS includes two control objectives; one is the finite-time synchronization and the other is the H ∞ minimization. Here, the finite-time synchronization means the finite-time stabilization of the error system(More)
In this paper, the existence of limit cycles for the specific bilinear systems is explored. Based on the Bellman-Gronwall inequality approach, not only the exponentially stable limit cycles phenomenon of such systems can be certified but also the oscillation behaviors of such systems can be correctly predicted. Finally, a numerical example is provided to(More)
In this paper, global exponential stability of a class of uncertain systems with multiple time delays is investigated. Simple delay-independent criterion is derived to guarantee the global exponential stability of such systems. The main result is sharper than the recent result reported in the literature. Two numerical examples are also provided to(More)