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This paper introduces a paradigm of context-dependent grammar (CDG) and an acquisition system that, through interactive teaching sessions, accumulates the CDG rules. The resulting context-sensitive rules are used by a stack-based, shift~reduce parser to compute unambiguous syntactic structures of sentences. The acquisition system and parser have been(More)
A system is described for acquiring a contextsensitive, phrase structure g rammar which is applied by a best-path, bot tom-up, deterministic parser. The grammar was based on English news stories and a high degree of success in parsing is reported. Overall, this research concludes that CSG is a computationally and conceptually tractable approach to the(More)
Understanding a text requires two basic tasks: making inferences at several levels of knowledge and composing a global interpretation of the given text from those various types of inferences. Since making inferences at each level demands an extensive computations, there have been several attempts to use parallel inference mechanisms such as parallel marker(More)
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