Yeong Bin Cho

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The preferences of customers change over time. However, existing collaborative filtering (CF) systems are static, since they only incorporate information regarding whether a customer buys a product during a certain period and do not make use of the purchase sequences of customers. Therefore, the quality of the recommendations of the typical CF could be(More)
Customer retention is an increasinglypressing issue in today's competitiveenvironment. This paper proposes a personalizeddefection detection and prevention procedurebased on the observation that potentialdefectors have a tendency to take a couple ofmonths or weeks to gradually change theirbehaviour (i.e., trim-out their usage volume)before their eventual(More)
Incidence of falling among elderly female has been reported to be much higher than that of elderly male. Although the gender differences in the elderly were reported for the static postural sway, there has been no investigation of the gender difference for the dynamic postural sway. This study investigates how age and gender affect the postural sway during(More)
BACKGROUND The evaluation and control of lighting is crucial in physiological, biomedical, and industrial fields. Many kinds of lighting techniques based on LED have been developed due to its advantages. OBJECTIVE The aim of this study is to develop the multi-colored LED system for healing purposes. METHODS Light source with three-color chip LEDs was(More)
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