Yeon Soo Jeon

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The purposes of this study were to assess clinicians’ (n = 250) current practices and attitudes about cancer pain management and to identify perceived concerns about and barriers to pain control in urban cancer-treatment settings in Korea. Survey data (20 items) were collected either by mail or interview. Approximately 40% of the sample were nurses. More(More)
PURPOSE Pain in terminal cancer patients may be refractory to systemic analgesics or associated with adverse drug reactions to analgesics. Epidural analgesia has been effectively used in such patients for pain control. However, this method does not provide pain relief to all patients. The efficacy and complications of continuous epidural analgesia were(More)
We previously demonstrated that there are acute and delayed phases of renal protection against renal ischemia and reperfusion (IR) injury with renal ischemic preconditioning (IPC). This study assessed whether hepatic IPC could also reduce distant renal IR injury through the blood stream-mediated supply of reactive oxygen species (ROS). Male C57BL/6 mice(More)
A 38-year-old woman underwent a 4-hour operation in the prone position for a laminectomy at C4-7 and posterior cervical decompressive fusion at C7-T1 under general anesthesia. After undraping at the end of surgery, considerable swelling with many blisters of the left forearm and hand was observed. The chest roll at the left side had moved cephalad into the(More)
We present a 32-year-old, extremely obese, pregnant woman who developed severe hypotension and water intoxication after an accidental injection of large bolus of oxytocin during cesarean section under general anesthesia. The patient was initially thought to have an amniotic fluid embolism because of the abrupt hemodynamic changes developed immediately after(More)
We report a case of Rumpel-Leede (RL) phenomenon, - acute dermis capillary rupture, secondary to noninvasive blood pressure (NIBP) monitoring in a patient with type 2 diabetes mellitus (DM) and hypertension. The first most likely cause is vascular fragility in microangiopathy as a result of DM and chronic steroid use. The second is the increased venous(More)
Aminophylline can elicit thermogenesis in rats or increase metabolic rate during cold stress in lambs. We tested the hypothesis that aminophylline would reduce the change in core body temperature during laparoscopic abdominal surgery requiring pneumoperitoneum. Fifty patients were randomly divided into an aminophylline group (n=25) and a saline control(More)
We present a 17-year-old man who underwent brain magnetic resonance imaging and laboratory exams for uncontrolled seizure. Patients with an autistic disorder require deep sedation or, occasionally, general anesthesia even for radiologic exams or simple procedures. The anesthetic management of an obese, violent patient with a severe autistic disorder and(More)
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