Yeon Sil Park

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Hypersingular integral equations are derived for the problem of arbitrarily-located planar cracks lying in the interior of two dissimilar anisotropic elastic half-spaces which adhere perfectly to each other. The unknown functions in the integral equations are the crack-opening displacements. The integral equations are solved numerically for specific(More)
[structure: see text] A new liquid crystalline material having an ethylenedioxythiophene-pyridazine-ethylenedioxythiophene (EDOT-PDZ-EDOT) core with two peripheral long alkyl chains was prepared. The designated donor-acceptor-donor (D-A-D)-type core structure induced a distinct smectic liquid crystalline phase due to the strong intermolecular interaction.(More)
A new chromogenic, self-assembled molecular capsule G@22 is developed by introducing four (N,N-dimethyl-4-aminophenyl) azobenzyl moieties on the upper rim of a resorcin[4]arene-based amidoimino-cavitand. The tuning of conjugation between amido and (N,N-dimethyl-4-aminophenyl)azobenzyl groups by acid-base titration allows naked-eye detection of molecular(More)
The conformations and properties of cavitand 5 with four benzimidazole flaps are studied by (1)H NMR. The benzimidazole cavitand 5 can form very stable vase structures with an enforced concave cavity by intermolecular hydrogen bonding with four hydroxyl-containing molecules, X-OH, such as methanol (X = Me), acetic acid (X = CH(3)CO), and trifluoroacetic(More)
Resorcin[4]arene-based tetrakis(N-hydantoinylamido)cavitand 1 forms a stable molecular capsule in the presence of suitable anionic guests such as CH(3)OSO(3)(-) or BF(4)(-) in C(2)D(2)Cl(4). Molecular capsule G(2)@1(2) is stabilized by the eight intermolecular imide N-H···O═C hydrogen bondings, two from each four paired hydantoinyl units, and the eight(More)
An unusually stable molecular capsule was formed by heating phenyleneurea-spanned resorcinarene cavitand with 4-methyl-N-p-tolylbenzamide. The molecular capsule behaved as a discrete molecular entity showing a cylindrical D(4d) structure and showed no guest exchange in toluene-d(8) even at 100 degrees C. [structure: see text]
The facile synthesis of a resorcin[4]arene-based imino-cavitand with benzamido moieties and its self-assembly into molecular capsules are reported. Benzamido-iminocavitand efficiently self-assembled into thermally inert molecular capsules in the presence of suitable guests via the eight intermolecular N-H···O=C hydrogen bonds.
The resorcin[4]arene-based benzoylhydrazide cavitands formed stable molecular capsules in nonpolar solvents by the eight intermolecular N-H...O=C hydrogen bondings, two from each four paired hydrazides, and the four intramolecular O-H2C-O...H-N hydrogen bondings on each cavitand. The stability of these molecular capsules depends on the encapsulated guest in(More)
[reaction: see text] A novel C3V-symmetric scaffold, trindane 7, has been efficiently synthesized from 1,3,5-tris(bromomethyl)-2,4,6-tris(chloromethyl)benzene (1) in six steps with 47% overall yield. The control of all-syn stereochemistry in the tribenzylation step has been achieved by blocking one side of the trindane ring as metal carbonyl complexes. The(More)
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