Yeon-Hyang Kim

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To investigate the effect of hyper-pressure on retinal ganglion cells (RGC-5), RGC-5 cells were exposed to an ambient hydrostatic pressure of 100 mmHg. Upon treatment, the proliferation of RGC-5 cells was inhibited and neuronal apoptosis was detected by specific apoptosis marker TUNEL (terminal deoxynucleotidyl transferase dUTP nick-end labeling). To probe(More)
Proteomic analyses of differentially expressed proteins in rat retinal ganglion cells (RGC-5) following S-nitrosoglutathione (GSNO), an NO donor, treatment were conducted. Of the approximately 314 protein spots that were detected, 19 were differentially expressed in response to treatment with GSNO. Of these, 14 proteins were up-regulated and 5 were down-(More)
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