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Verification of the usability of a navigation method in dental implant surgery: in vitro comparison with the stereolithographic surgical guide template method.
The STL surgical guide template was associated with fewer errors than the real-time navigation method in dental implant surgery. Expand
Validation of mandibular genioplasty using a stereolithographic surgical guide: in vitro comparison with a manual measurement method based on preoperative surgical simulation.
Use of a stereolithographic surgical guide increased accuracy, but the difference in mean error values between methods was only approximately 0.3 mm, suggesting that the superior accuracy may not be compelling in favor of stereolithography surgical guides. Expand
Validation of a fibula graft cutting guide for mandibular reconstruction: experiment with rapid prototyping mandible model
A fibula cutting guide improved the precision of reconstructing the mandible with a fibula graft, and incurred less error than the manual method in mandibular reconstruction. Expand
Anterior tympanic plate fracture following extraction of the lower molar
The external auditory canal was torn in the same fashion that occurs in an anterior tympanic plate fracture following extraction of the lower molar. Expand
Comparison of digital dental images yielded by digital dental casts, cone-beam computed tomography, and multislice computed tomography for measurement of dental area
The use of digital dental casts with digital dental imaging for three-dimensional measurement of the dental area is recommended because this technique had the smallest errors. Expand
Novel three-dimensional position analysis of the mandibular foramen in patients with skeletal class III mandibular prognathism
The relative position of the MnF was significantly related to the vertical heights of the sigmoid notch, coronoid process, and condyle as well as to the horizontal anteroposterior length of the ascending ramus. Expand