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A 10-bit 100-kS/s successive approximation register (SAR) analog-to-digital converter (ADC) with rail-to-rail input range is proposed for a low power sensor interface. It consists of a time-domain comparator, a split capacitor-based digital-to-analog converter (SC-DAC) and a SAR logic. The time-domain comparator with an offset calibration technique is used(More)
A yard in a container terminal is a temporary storage space before containers are loaded onto the target vessel or delivered to consignees. For improving the utilization of the space in the yard and the efficiency of loading and discharging operations, it is important that operation plans must be carefully constructed in advance. A heuristic method is(More)
A co-simulation using ADAMS and MATLAB/ Simulink is proposed for the dynamic simulation of high speed rotating flexible rotor supported by active magnetic bearings. The controller and actuator of AMBs are modeled in MATLAB/Simulink and the plant model of the rotor is implemented in ADAMS software. A decentralized proportional - integral - derivative (PID)(More)
The high speed permanent-magnet synchronous generator is an important component of micro gas turbine. One of the major problems in micro turbine generator is an increase in iron loss with increasing rotational speed. In order to minimize the iron loss, PNF-Core (20PNF1500, posco electrical steel) is used for stator core. The core has good magnetic(More)
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