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In a multiuser bidirectional visible light communication (VLC), a large number of LEDs or an LED array needs to be allocated in an efficient manner to ensure sustainable data rate and link quality. Moreover, in order to support an increasing or decreasing number of users in the network, the LED allocation is required to be performed dynamically. In this(More)
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This paper presents high-spread (HS) random interleavers based interleave-division multiple access (IDMA) scheme. High-spread feature of a randodecm interleaver offers high-spread characteristics to interleavers and thus produces extrinsic values with low correlation. As interleavers are key components for user separation in the IDMA, the HS interleavers(More)
An efficient optical filtering method for blocking outdoor light noise at visible light communication (VLC) systems has been presented. Unlike spread spectrum techniques or combining methods previously reported, the proposed method is very practical and efficient in that it uses an optical filter on the top of the photo diode to block obliquely incident(More)
A visible light communication (VLC)-based intelligent transportation system (ITS) has drawn much interest from telematics and automobile industries due to its enhanced safety and cost effectiveness. Within the framework of ITS, vehicle-to-vehicle and infrastructure-to-vehicle (I2V) communications have largely been considered. I2V can be viewed as an(More)
Visible light communication (VLC) has been extensively studied for vehicle-to-vehicle (V2V) communication due to its inherent benefits. The effect of atmospheric turbulence, particularly in rainy condition, on the V2V communication using VLC is examined. The experiments for the V2V communication system was implemented with a modified fixed decision(More)
AbstrariCDMA With multi-camer modulations (MCCDMA) employs frequency diversity combining techniques with which the performance improvement is obtained. This paper considers a new chip shaping technique called Carrier Interfemmetry (a. As gained in MC-CDMA, the technique exploits the frequency combining in such a way that the modulated signal does not(More)
In an indoor bidirectional visible light communications (VLC), a line-of-sight (LOS) transmission plays a major role in obtaining adequate performance of a VLC system. Signals are often obstructed in the LOS transmission path, causing an effect called optical shadowing. In the absence of LOS, the performance of the VLC system degrades significantly and, in(More)
SUMMARY Modular multilevel converter (MMC) type topology is considered an enabling technology for expanding the voltage sourced converter (VSC) applications and thus providing its operational benefits with low switching power loss comparable to that of the conventional thyristor-based line commutated converters. However, due to its inherent topological and(More)
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