Yeon-Hee Yoon

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Lung cancer is recently regarded as an overhealed inflammatory disease. Serum amyloid A (SAA) is known as an acute phase protein, but it is likely involved in the cancer pathogenesis. We identified both SAA1 and SAA2 in the pooled sera of lung cancer patients but not in the healthy control, by LC-MS/MS analysis. We found that about 14-fold higher levels of(More)
In this study we purified a fibrinolytic enzyme from the culture supernatant of Flammulina velutipes mycelia by ion exchange and gel filtration chromatographies, it was designated as F. velutipes protease (FVP-I). This purification protocol resulted in 18.52-fold purification of the enzyme at a final yield of 0.69%. The molecular mass of the purified enzyme(More)
Small cell lung cancer (SCLC) is an aggressive type of lung cancer, and the detection of SCLCs at an early stage is necessary for successful therapy and for improving cancer survival rates. Fucosylation is one of the most common glycosylation-based modifications. Increased levels of fucosylation have been reported in a number of pathological conditions,(More)
Protoporphyrin IX (PpIX) is one of the photodynamically active substances that are endogenously synthesized in the metabolic pathway for heme as a precursor. Aminolevulinic acid-esters are more lipophilic than conventional 5-aminolevulinic acid (ALA) and some of them are currently being approved as new drugs for photodynamic diagnosis (PDD) and photodynamic(More)
The sea urchin TiO(2) (SU TiO(2)) particles composed of radially aligned rutile TiO(2) nanowires are successfully synthesized through the simple solvothermal process. SU TiO(2) was incorporated into the TiO(2) nanoparticle (NP) network to construct the SU-NP composite film, and applied to the CdS/CdSe/ZnS quantum-dot-sensitized solar cells (QDSSCs). A(More)
To prepare a gel-forming poly-L-guluronic acid (Poly-G) from no guluronate-rich Laminaria japonica, a new hydrolysis method was employed with a lower HCl concentration (0.025-0.15 M) and a shorter treatment time (5 min). The Poly-Gs were set to measure purity, presence of poly-L-guluronic block, molecular weight distribution, polymer yield, viscosity, and(More)
OBJECTIVES Few long-term studies have been conducted on the serotype and antibiotic resistance patterns of Salmonella speices (spp.) The aim of this study was to determine the serotypes and antibiotic resistance patterns of Salmonella spp. isolated at Jeollanam-do in Korea from 2004 to 2014. METHODS A total of 276 Salmonella samples were evaluated.(More)
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