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The rDNA cluster in Saccharomyces cerevisiae is located 450 kb from the left end and 610 kb from the right end of chromosome XII and consists of approximately 150 tandemly repeated copies of a 9.1 kb rDNA unit. To explore the biological significance of this specific chromosomal context, chromosome XII was split at both sides of the rDNA cluster and strains(More)
α-Agarase hydrolyzes the α-1,3 linkage of agarose yielding agaro-oligosaccharides. It is less well characterized than β-agarase. AgaA gene (2.3 kb ORF), encoding the α-agarase from Thalassomonas JAMB A33, was subcloned into both a constitutive and an inducible expression vector. Both the constructed plasmids, pVT-AgaA (ADH1 promoter) and pYInu-AgaA (GAL10(More)
A correct forecast of precipitation occurrences and the rainfall amount is demanded because rainfall information is important in various fields such as agriculture and water resource management as well as a weather forecast. More detailed information about the thermodynamic structure of the atmosphere (up to 10 km height) is required for the specific(More)
The Indo-Pacific warm pool (IPWP) has warmed and grown substantially during the past century. The IPWP is Earth's largest region of warm sea surface temperatures (SSTs), has the highest rainfall, and is fundamental to global atmospheric circulation and hydrological cycle. The region has also experienced the world's highest rates of sea-level rise in recent(More)
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