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The rDNA cluster in Saccharomyces cerevisiae is located 450 kb from the left end and 610 kb from the right end of chromosome XII and consists of approximately 150 tandemly repeated copies of a 9.1 kb rDNA unit. To explore the biological significance of this specific chromosomal context, chromosome XII was split at both sides of the rDNA cluster and strains(More)
BACKGROUND Due to the strong evidence on the involvement of active oxygen species in a variety of disorders, the role of antioxidants against oxidative stress has recently received increased attention. METHODS Twenty male rabbits were served a high-cholesterol (HC, 5 g/kg diet) diet or high-cholesterol diet supplemented with naringin (0.5 g/kg diet) or(More)
In order to survey for feline kobuviruses infection, fecal samples (n = 39) of cats with diarrhea were collected during 2011–2012. Six (14.5 %) of the fecal samples tested were positive for feline kobuviruses. The partial nucleotide sequences of feline kobuviruses based on the RNA-dependent RNA polymerase gene were compared to those of other species. Feline(More)
PURPOSE One major factor in the success and biocompatibility of an implant is its surface properties. The purposes of this study were to analyze the surface characteristics of implants after blasting and thermal oxidation and to evaluate the bone response around these implants with histomorphometric analysis. MATERIALS AND METHODS Threaded implants (3.75(More)
Epidermolysis bullosa acquisita (EBA) is an acquired, autoimmune blistering disorder caused by autoantibody production against type VII collagen. The aim of this study was to examine the clinical types, treatments, and outcomes of 30 patients with EBA. In our cohort, the median age of onset was 44.0 years, with a similar incidence for both genders (46.7%(More)
Aino, Akabane and Chuzan viruses are arthropod-borne (arbo) viruses transmitted by blood-sucking insects like mosquitoes and Culicoides biting midges. These arbovirus infections are mainly associated with abortion, stillbirth and congenital defects in pregnant cattle, sheep and goats, which induces a considerable economic loss in livestock industry. The(More)
During an outbreak of bovine enzootic encephalomyelitis caused by the Akabane virus (AKAV) in 2010, 210 serum samples were collected from the affected cattle, and serological investigations for the AKAV were performed using a serum neutralization test (SNT) and an enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay (ELISA). The seropositive rates for SNT and ELISA were 90.0(More)
Three canine parainfluenza viruses type 5 (CPIV-5) were isolated from lung tissues of 3 Korean dogs with mild pneumonia between 2008 and 2009. The isolates were fully sequenced and compared with published reference sequences. The size of the genome was 15 246 nucleotides long and no remarkable differences were found when compared with previously published(More)
The procpb gene encoding human procarboxypeptidase B (proCPB, GeneBank access code AJ224866) was cloned and its Pichia expression plasmid, pPIC9alpha/hproCPB (9.2 kb), was constructed, in which procpb was under the control of the AOX1 promoter and connected to the downstream of the mating factor alpha-1 (MFalpha1) signal sequence. The plasmid was linearized(More)
OBJECTIVE To investigate the effects of meditation on anxiety, depression, fatigue, and quality of life in women who are receiving radiation therapy for breast cancer. DESIGN Randomized, non-program controlled, parallel intervention clinical trial. SETTING The ASAN Cancer Center located in Seoul, Korea. INTERVENTION The subjects of this study included(More)