Yeojin Lee

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OBJECTIVES The goals of the study were to compare the middle ear (ME) volumes from both normal and lesioned ears, and these ME volumes were measured by a digital image processing computed tomography (CT) program in patients with unilateral chronic otitis media, and we wanted to compare the ME volumes of the lesioned ears by comparing the ME volumes obtained(More)
OBJECTIVES Most patients complaining of dizziness seek medical services in the interictal period, which is thought to be a compensated stage. Thus, we wanted to investigate the results of vestibular function tests (VFTs) at a compensated stage in patients with vestibular neuritis to determine the presence and the sides of vestibular hypofunction. STUDY(More)
BACKGROUND This study evaluated the effect of vege-powder (VP), mainly consisted of chicory, broccoli, and whole grains, on bowel habit improvement and constipation alleviation. METHODS Using the Roman standard II, 96 male and female subjects in their twenties with constipation symptoms were divided into a control group or VP group. Subjects in a control(More)
OBJECTIVES The function of outer hair cells can be measured objectively and noninvasively by distortion product otoacoustic emission (DPOAE). The aims of the study were to investigate the changes of DPOAE in the recovery course and to pursue the relationship between the changes of DPOAE and hearing improvement in patients with sudden sensorineural hearing(More)
The purpose of this study was to analyze test-retest reliability of vibration-induced nystagmus (VIN) in dizzy patients. Fifty-two consecutive patients with positive eye movements induced by vibration at all four different stimulation sites were enrolled. Evaluation of VIN was repeated in 2 separate sessions, 30 minutes apart. Maximum slow-phase eye(More)